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Archive for May, 2009

Jake has graduated!

They’re finishing the program and Jake collected his diploma with great seriousness. Congrats to Jake! This is a late night, but a proud one.

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Kindergarten Graduation

Jake’s graduation ceremony is tonight!

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Rained out again

Jake and I enjoyed the Water Hole again, this time for two and a half hours before they closed it due to thunder. We still had a blast!

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Strawberries at IHOP

We decided to celebrate the day by having pancakes. Have a super holiday!

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The water park opens

Jake and I discovered the Water Mine, a big water park close by in Reston. Jake got cold, so we’re taking a break before going back to the waterslides. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Alec mows in style

Alec is taking the new mower for it’s first introduction to out lawn. Stylish, no?

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Alec gets a mower

Alex has wanted a riding mower for years, and Sears delivered one today. Welcome to summer!

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On our way to the Tybee!

We left at 4 am this morning to head toward FL. Watch Alec’s sailing site for updates! I plan to blog from the beach several times per day. The site is Team Pirates of the Chesapeake. See you there!

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One thing I love about VA

One thing I love about living in Northern Virginia is goslings in the spring. I don’t know if you can see them in this iPhone photo, but there are about six of them between their parents. Happy spring!

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Jake and I get our teeth cleaned

I got a clean bill of health today. Let’s hope that Jake does too! His favorite part is picking a prize from the ‘treasure drawer’ when he’s finished. This of Jake with Stacey, our hygienist. She’s terrific!

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