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Wow! After weeks of balmy weather, winter has finally decided to arrive. The temperatures have been low for a week or so, and today it started to snow! Jake was really excited when he woke up from his nap, and we went outside to play. There really wasn’t much more than a dusting, but in […]

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Jake’s new room

Well, after the bed was such a success we decided to get the matching nightstand to tie the room together. I still need to get some artwork on the walls, but here are some pictures of his new room! IMG=5F0902.jpg IMG=5F0903.jpg

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Happy Birthday to Alec!

Here’s a picture of Alec and Jake this morning, on Alec’s birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! IMG=5F0895.jpg

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Big Boy Day is here!

Alec and Jake finished the bed tonight! They worked pretty hard on it for a couple of hours, and the main bed is finished. Alec still needs to assemble the trundle part, but it’s finished enough that Jake could sleep in it. So, we had “big boy” day today. After finishing the bed, he asked […]

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A busy Tuesday

I took Jake to the doctor this morning because he’s had a cough for a long time that he just can’t seem to shake. Since his appointment wasn’t until 9, Alec decided to delay going to work by an hour so he and Jake could work on his bed. They took out the pieces to […]

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Happy New Year!

We picked Jake up from Dad and Jo’s tonight after he spent New Year’s weekend with them, and he was really excited about his new bed! I explained about “big boy day”, and he seemed to buy into it. He really wanted to build the bed tonight, but we told him he’d have to wait […]

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