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Archive for December, 2006

A new bed for Jake

We’ve been talking to Jake about giving up his pacifier. I mentioned it to him a couple of months ago, and he was horrified and asked me for days afterward, “Please Mommy, don’t take my pacifier away!” So, I didn’t. I let it rest for a few months. Alec and I have been talking from […]

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Decorating the Tree

Tonight was the night we decorated the tree. Here are a few shots of Jake opening an ornament to hang and then of him with the tree. Best wishes to all, and to all a good night! IMG=5F0827.jpg IMG=5F0831.jpg IMG=5F0834.jpg IMG=5F0841.jpg

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Jim and Jann are visiting, and we went Thursday evening to pick a Christmas tree. Here’s a quick snapshot of Jake, Jim and Jann at the lot. IMG=5F0820.jpg

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Jake’s Christmas Program

Jake was a great performer during his classroom’s Christmas Program on Monday. They ‘rocked around the Christmas Tree’ and even Santa came to visit. My camera then conked out, so I didn’t get any pictures from the rest of the program, which was about the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus. […]

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