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Archive for November, 2006

Thanksgiving at the Beach

We went to visit Mom and Nathan for Thanksgiving weekend in Wilmington, NC. Bob and Jody were there too. Bob’s family lives there and had us over for Thanksgiving dinner, which was wonderful. We all had a terrific time, and wonderful food and wine! After Thanksgiving, we spent a few days of the weekend going […]

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Turkey Days

Well, our pumpkin lawn decoration has been replaced by our Thanksgiving turkey. Time sure is passing by quickly! Jake likes this one even better than the pumpkin – he has to hug it every morning and evening! IMG=5F0557.jpg

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Alec’s Car Project

Here are some pictures of Alec’s car project. He’s had his car up on blocks for over a week now, replacing the brake pads and painting the brake calipers. He found a BMW kit that gave him supplies to paint the calipers red and included BMW decals also. Here are some pictures of the work […]

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Our House Project

Besides getting ready for Halloween, Alec and I have also been working on our home office. This is the first big project we’ve done on the house, so we’re really excited. The office has been a collection point for excess books, sailing gear, electronic gadgets, and so forth ever since we traded a desk that […]

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Jake and his Superman robe

Just thought I’d share a picture of Jake from this morning – he was very cute in his robe! IMG=5F0554.jpg

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Halloween Pics!

Finally, here are some Halloween pictures! We all had a fine time. Happy Halloween! CRW=5F6445.jpg CRW=5F6475.jpg CRW=5F6486.jpg CRW=5F6513.jpg

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Pumpkin Fun

We intended to carve our pumpkin last weekend, but didn’t actually get around to it until Monday night. Jake and I drew candidate faces for the pumpkin on orange construction paper while Alec scooped out the pumpkin. Then we were ready! Jake had chosen an “angry pumpkin”, so Alec did a great job of drawing […]

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