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Archive for October, 2006

A Halloween Duck Preview

When we took Jake shopping for a Halloween costume last month, he decided he wanted to be a duck. Don’t ask me what the fascination is, but he is a cute duck. For a week, he wanted to be Superman. Then we took him to Target and he saw all the costumes. He changed his […]

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Decorating for Halloween

We finally had a chance this afternoon to put up our Halloween decoration in the front yard. Hopefully, the other things we bought will also go up soon! It feels more like a holiday now that we have something up. Jake cooperated with the pictures, but then wanted me to take a video. I told […]

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Grandma Judy Passed Away

My grandmother, Judy Babcock, died on Monday Sep 18 at 11am from complications after surgery. She passed away peacefully, with her family surrounding her. I haven’t been up to posting much here on the blog since. Now that the shock has worn off a bit, it’s time to get back into the swing of things […]

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