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Archive for September, 2006

Blowing Bubbles

Alec taught Jake how to blow bubbles in his water glass today at lunch. Jake had a fine time. Our lunches out will never be the same! Here’s a picture and a video. IMG_0477.jpg Download: BlowingBubbles_web.wmv

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Intuition or Coincidence?

A funny incident happened today. We don’t know if it was intuition or coincidence, but will let you be the judge. We were out running errands and stopped for lunch at a Wendy’s restaurant. I sent Alec and Jake to stake out a table for us while I ordered for us, and when I got […]

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Preschool and Nursery Rhymes

Jake started preschool on Monday. He has a great teacher that Alec and I really like (and Jake liked her during camp, too). He’s going to learn to count to 30, as well as recognition and sounds of the whole alphabet, though he’s known his letters for a while. However, he’s been a total beast […]

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