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Archive for June, 2006

Jake’s Craft Project

Yesterday Jake brought home this project. It’s the most complex one yet, with gravel and a leaf he picked out and a construction paper fish. I thought he could tell you about it better than I could, so here’s a video also. IMG_0071.JPG Download: JakesCraft_web.wmv

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Singing in the Rain

It’s been a rainy weekend, so this morning I put Jake in a swimsuit and let him play in the driveway. He had a great time jumping and splashing and running. Then he started to sing, so I took a few ‘movies’. After we came in and dried off, we all went to see the […]

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Washing the car

Alec and Jake washed my car this morning. Guess who had more fun? I took this picture AND a video, and am putting those up with this post. I like my new camera! IMG_0048.JPG Download: WashingTheCar_web.wmv

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Alec is home!

Alec came home today from a week long training class out of town. We really missed him! Jake hardly let him out of his sight all night. IMG_0034.JPG

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Jake has pinkeye!

So, this morning was day two of my new job. I actually had a good night’s sleep – until Jake woke up at 5am saying “My eyes! My eyes!” I blearily got up and wiped them off with a warm wet washcloth in the dark, and went back to bed hoping that it was just […]

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Jake sings Old MacDonald

Today I’ve been trying out my new purse-sized Canon that Alec gave me as an early birthday present. I still have some things to figure out, but so far I think it’s good. I’ll either be much more or much less enthusiastic at the end of the week! I was able to get Jake off […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

After Alec had opened his presents, we all went to IHOP for a traditional Father’s Day breakfast. Hope all of you fathers reading this had a wonderful morning, too! IMG_00151.jpg

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Jake going to ‘wake up’ Alec

Here is a picture of Jake from this morning as he carried Alec’s present and cards in to ‘wake Daddy up’. Daddy had actually been awake, but had crept back to bed so that Jake could get the full dramatic effect. Good morning! IMG_0002.jpg

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Jake starts camp

I dropped Jake off at camp this morning. He dove right in and started having fun right away. The Ark is also where he’s going to be in  preschool starting in September, but they make a distinction between camp and school, so we will too.  We’ve been talking about camp for a while now, and […]

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Jake recites Brown Bear

After singing a few songs, we decided it would be fun if Jake would ‘read’ his favorite book into the recorder. This is his recital of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’, which he knows by heart. Long, but cute! BrownBear.jpg Download: BrownBear.WMA

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