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Archive for May, 2006

Jake is feeling better

Jake was sick yesterday, but is feeling fine this morning. He really likes his new sunglasses! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00133.jpg

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Everyone goes to the park

Mom and Nathan and Jody and Bob came into town for Jill’s birthday party. This is a picture I took before they took Jake to the park. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00131.jpg

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A two year old can just melt your heart at the most unexpected moments.  Jake had a hard time going to sleep tonight, and said he was hungry so I let him get up and eat half a sandwich on the sofa.  I was sitting next to him in my rocking chair – really tired […]

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Pictures from last weekend

IMG_6396.jpg I’ve put some pictures up from our visit last weekend with Mom and Nathan. Grandma Babcock, Jake and I all had a wonderful visit with them! Here is one picture of Mom, Nathan and Grandma watching Jake playing in the park. You can view the rest by clicking on the picture or clicking the […]

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Alec was sailing this weekend

This is a picture Alec sent to me on Saturday. He was sailing all weekend in a series of A-Cat races, and ended up taking 5th place out of 17 boats! Go, Alec! 042906_1008a.jpg

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Alec’s weekend at the boat lot

Here’s a picture that Alec sent from the boat lot this weekend while everyone was getting their boat ready for the day of racing.  042906_1008.jpg

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Alec’s A-Cat

042906_1007.jpg This is a picture of Alec’s A-cat from this weekend when he was sailing.

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