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Archive for May, 2006

Pool fun

Playing in a wading pool is a fun Memorial Day treat. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00154.jpg

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Pool play with the family

A picture with everyone. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00160.jpg

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Everyone is here!

I thought I’d take a quick photo this morning with Jim, Jan and Nana. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00147.jpg

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Jake’s last day with Joyce

Today is Jake’s last day to go to daycare with Joyce, which is both a happy and sad kind of thing. Joyce has been taking care of him since he was 8 weeks old, and time has flown. However, he’s ready to start a more structured preschool in September and the summer ‘camp’ that they […]

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Jake the acrobat

We came to the mall to get a haircut, and now Jake is playing in the kid’s area. Alec is sailing tonight, and should have beautiful weather. Good luck, Alec! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00143.jpg

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Jake draws a boy

I know I’m biased, but I think Jake is pretty talented! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00140.jpg

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Jake rides in the new car

This morning, Alec took Jake to daycare in the new car. Jake loved riding in the front seat! Hopefully, the car’s true color will show up better in this picture. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00139.jpg

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Alec drives away

Here’s another shot before Alec left for home. Actually, he just said I could drive it home. Wheeeeeeee! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00137.jpg

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Alec buys a car!

Alec bought a new car today – a BMW Z3 convertible! There’s a story involved, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. Congratulations, Alec! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00136.jpg

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Playing in the bookstore

This has been a really busy week! Today, Jake and I are running errands. He’s been good, so we dropped by the bookstore where they have a trainset he can play with. He’s happy. I’m happy. Everyone wins! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00134.jpg

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