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Archive for April, 2006

Playing at McDonald’s

We found a place to stop with a playyard, and Jake is having fun climbing very high. That’s him halfway up by the yellow tube. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00128.jpg

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Here’s a picture of Jake and I at McNair Farms, my favorite restaurant here in Wilmington. Yum! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00126.jpg

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Lunch in Southport

This is all of us eating Thai food in Southport. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00123.jpg

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Taking the ferry

We’re crossing the Cape Fear river on our way to lunch. Jake really likes feeding the seagulls. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00121.jpg

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The drive to Mom & Nathan’s

Grandma Babcock, Jake and I drove to visit Mom and Nathan in NC today. Thank goodness for Grandma and Dramamine, because it only took 6 hours to make the trip this time. Yay! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00119.jpg

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Jake draws Alec

This is a picture that Jake drew. He says it’s his Dad. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00112.jpg

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A rainy day

Today it rained, so I helped Jake put on his raincoat and boots and he played outside for an hour. Fun! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00105.jpg

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Then to the mall

After Jake’s nap, we went to the mall since it was still raining. We saw this cool fishtank at Nordstrom’s and Jake wa fascinated. Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00107.jpg

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Donuts for breakfast

We’re back to a usual weekend morning this morning, which means donuts for us. Yum! Wendy (sent from my pocket pc phone) PHONE_00102.jpg

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Easter pictures are up!

IMG_5694.jpg Easter was fun this year.  Jake is at the age where he understands things and has fun with new activities.  Alec has been busy with getting ready for the sailing season, and I’ve been busy with school, but Alec bought some eggs and a coloring kit with stickers and it was a hit!  Saturday night we all […]

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