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Here are some photos from this morning as Jake caught the bus for 1st grade.  We can’t believe he’s a gradeschooler now!

Jake on the Steps

Jake on the Steps

Waiting for the Bus

Waiting for the Bus

Jake Gets on the Bus

Jake Gets on the Bus

Waving Goodbye

Waving Goodbye

Mom, Jody, Joe and Sophie all came in to town this weekend for Labor Day and we ended up getting together twice over the weekend.  Grandpa was home from the hospital (yay!) and Sophie had a good time getting to know him.

Hello world!

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Jake finishes tball

There were thunderstorms today, so Jake’s tball team wasn’t able to play their last game. However, they still enjoyed pizza, cake and trophies during their celebration! Mom, Nathan and Grandpa made a special trip to join in the fun.

Jake has graduated!

They’re finishing the program and Jake collected his diploma with great seriousness. Congrats to Jake! This is a late night, but a proud one.

Jake’s graduation ceremony is tonight!

Rained out again

Jake and I enjoyed the Water Hole again, this time for two and a half hours before they closed it due to thunder. We still had a blast!

Strawberries at IHOP

We decided to celebrate the day by having pancakes. Have a super holiday!

The water park opens

Jake and I discovered the Water Mine, a big water park close by in Reston. Jake got cold, so we’re taking a break before going back to the waterslides. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Alec mows in style

Alec is taking the new mower for it’s first introduction to out lawn. Stylish, no?